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Your top priority as a parent is to make sure your children stay healthy, and getting them the best care when they get sick. The Grace Health System® Pediatric Care Center shares this goal with you. We want to build strong relationships with you and your child to give them the foundation of healthy habits and lifestyle choices. While our primary focus is on prevention, our team of specialists can also test, diagnose and treat your child’s condition or illness.

We provide pediatric primary care services from birth through age 21. This includes routine checkups and tests, your child’s immunizations and physical exams for school sports and college entrance. We also provide nutrition counseling as well as allergy care and evaluation.

As a patient, your child’s current health will be evaluated, including a complete health history and physical exam. Your doctor will check to make sure your child is hitting the appropriate developmental milestones. Your child’s doctor will listen to any questions, concerns, or complaints you and your child may have. If your child is diagnosed with an illness, you can depend on your child’s doctor to manage treatment for both common illnesses, and chronic conditions as well.

As part of our newborn care, we are here to answer your questions as a new parent. This includes information about lactation and breastfeeding.

As your child gets older, the doctor may evaluate them for Attention Deficit Disorder, and any possible emotional or depression issues.

The team at the Grace Health System® Pediatric Care Center team is trained to understand your child’s unique medical, developmental and emotional needs so we can help you raise healthy, happy and secure children through compassionate care. Perhaps most importantly, we recognize the important role you play in your child’s health and well being. We look forward to working closely with you to realize your goals.

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