Financial Assistance Program

The Grace Health System® Financial Assistance Program helps to make our health care services available to everyone in our community needing emergent or medically necessary care. This includes people who do not have health insurance and are unable to pay their hospital bill, as well as patients who do have insurance but are unable to pay the portion of their bill that insurance does not cover. In some cases, eligible patients will not be required to pay for services; in others, they may be asked to make partial payment.

At Grace, part of our mission is to provide quality care to all our patients, regardless of their ability to pay. We believe that no one should delay seeking needed medical care because they lack health insurance or are worried about their ability to pay for their care. This is why we have a Financial Assistance Program for eligible patients.

For information on our Financial Assistance Program, view or download the following:

Financial Assistance Brochure

Financial Assistance Application

Financial Assistance Policy

If you have questions, or would like to receive this information by mail, call 806-725-5773.

Provider Listings

Download a list of providers at Grace who do and do not participate in financial assistance determination.

NOTE: Providers that do not follow the hospital’s financial assistance policy may have their own financial assistance policies, so please contact the provider directly if you have any questions regarding their policies.