Pregnancy and childbirth are extremely important events in a woman’s life. The Obstetrics Center team at Grace is committed to providing the best possible care for you and your baby. Our highly experienced physicians and caring staff delight in taking care of the medical needs of expectant moms from pre-pregnancy planning through delivery and postpartum care.

The time to meet with an obstetrician is before conception, when you’re first considering pregnancy. A pre-conception visit provides you and your doctor an opportunity to discuss potential risk factors, personal and family medical history and to identify needs for testing. This is also the time to receive information and advice about pre-natal dietary needs, nutrient supplementation and lifestyle changes.

The Obstetrics Center is committed to giving you and your baby a safe and memorable delivery experience. We provide traditional vaginal birth and both medically indicated and elective Cesarean Section births. Your provider and staff will be happy to educate you on the advantages and disadvantages each birth option.

Patient-focused, comprehensive care…the Obstetrics Center at Grace Health System®.

The Obstetrics Center will start you on a schedule of monthly, then weekly appointments to make sure you and your baby progressing well. You and your baby will receive a series of regular tests including First Trimester screening and Serum Marker testing, which both check for abnormalities such as Down Syndrome. If risks to your pregnancy are discovered, your provider may consult with maternal-fetal specialists to provide you and your baby with the most comprehensive care to ensure the best outcome.

Your provider will order non-stress testing to make sure your baby’s heart rate is growing and functioning properly, and 4-D sonograms will let you see your baby and take home photos to share with your family.

Following your baby’s birth, the Obstetrics Center team will provide complete follow-up care, including a postpartum assessment and treatment plan, and lactation and breastfeeding consultation.

If you’re dealing with infertility issues, The Obstetrics Center can provide comprehensive testing, diagnosis and treatment for issues including endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and other causes of infertility. We can prescribe fertility medications to stimulate egg production and perform artificial insemination procedures. Our specialists can also diagnose and treat menstrual cycle irregularities as well as uterine abnormalities.

For those who’ve experienced the heartache of miscarriage, the Obstetrics Center team can offer compassionate counseling and provide solutions through a comprehensive examination and treatment plan that can discover reasons for pregnancy loss allowing many women to carry their pregnancy to full term.

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