The Orthopedic Center at Grace Health System® is committed to bringing you relief for painful ailments affecting your shoulder, hand, hip or knee. Our staff works together and within their specialty area to treat abnormalities and restore quality of life for our patients.

Many people may think orthopedic problems are just for athletes or our grandparents. The truth is everyone is at risk. Whether it’s your wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome to a torn meniscus in your knee– our highly-experienced team can evaluate your condition, and explain the problem in terms that you don’t need a medical dictionary to understand. Your doctor will give you treatment options depending on the cause of your pain. The solution may be as simple as specialized exercises, medication or minor surgery.

As part of your evaluation, your doctor will order tests at the Grace Health System® Imaging Center so he can get a closer look at the problem. Our advanced center includes traditional x-rays, as well as MRI and CT scanners. Our CT scanner takes pictures in 3D, allowing your physician to see exactly the problem, and if surgery is needed or not.

Other tests may include arthroscopic surgery, which is usually done in an outpatient setting. This involves inserting a small camera inside the problem area to give your doctor a better look at the issue.

Fear of major surgery shouldn’t keep you from getting help. In most cases, your doctor will work with you to develop the best line of treatment for your condition. This may include working with the Pain Management Center, Chiropractic Care Center, as well as Physical Therapy. Despite this, though, surgery may be required if your injury is severe, and involves complete tears of the muscle or tendon.

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